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Building HPS

Bulding of the whole power source is described here
Look at the photographs and the schematic below and design a suitable metal cabinet so that:
  • A power cord socket and fuse socket is on the rear side
  • 3 black, 1 yellow and 3 red terminals are on the front side
  • A voltmeter is on the front side
  • 2 red, 1 yellow and 1 green LED is on the front side, placed with regard to the respective terminals (see schematic below)
  • Mains switch is on the front side
  • Rubber pads are on the bottom
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In the following we are going to mount electronic components into the cabinet. Choose a suitable mounting method. Here a mix of breadboard and thick enough interconnect wires was chosen.
A4 print: .ps.gz, .ps, .eps / small print: .ps.gz, .ps / gschem schematic / component list: English, Český


Populate the cabinet. Mount the components so that:

  • All the regulators are tightened against a plate metal either in the back or the bottom of the cabinet with sufficient cooling area
  • An insulating foil is between the regulator and the cooler
  • Insulating washers and spacers must be used to rule out any accidental contact of the bolt with the regulator
  • Interconnect wires are thick enough to carry the currents without a remarkable voltage drop,
  • Reasonable distance is kept between live part of the circuit (left half from the transformer core on the schematic) and the remainder (right half from the transformer core on the schematic)

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